About Shen Li


I am a self-taught, Malaysian-born artist living in Los Angeles.  I create hyper-detailed contemporary art inspired by nature, pop culture, sociopolitical issues, and fantasy.


I grew up in Malaysia and Singapore, and those memories often find their way into my works.  I remember the beauty of tropical rainforests and the smell of the air after heavy monsoon rains.  As a child I loved nothing more than creating art.   


Then I became a lawyer, and art became the furthest thing from my mind.  After graduating from Stanford University and Cornell Law School, I spent seven years as a civil litigator.  One day during a vacation, I bought a canvas and started painting for the first time in over ten years.  That moment began to change my life.


As I've transitioned from lawyer to artist, many of my paintings explore what it means to search for purpose and order in the identities that we create and the worlds we find ourselves in.  But to me law and art are not antithecal.  Both allow us to explore our humanity and morality, challenge the establishment, seek truth, and foster beauty in this world.